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Physical Geography: an introduction.

Subject: Social Sciences- Geography
Teacher: Ricardo Forner Diego
Title: Introduction to PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY          
Course / Level : 4º ESO

   This unit has been designed as an introduction to different aspects of Physical Geography. It deals basically with map location, geography and climate in the UK and other parts of the world.
The activities and materials that I have chosen as well as their sequencing all try to adjust to a "CLIL" approach and are based on some of the principles we have been studying so far.
Learning outcomes:

Master the specific vocabulary and concepts commonly used in physical Geography.
Locate continents, oceans, rivers, mountain ranges…in physical maps.
Identify and describe different landscapes, physical features, natural disasters…
Be able to follow historical routes in maps.
Get to know some basic facts about the climate and geography of the United Kingdom.
Get to know some interesting aspects of life in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions.
Be able to talk about some interesting regions on our planet which might be unique from a geographical point of view.

   You can see a detailed description of the unit session by session with all the activities and materials I have used at:

Design of the unit I (contents, objectives, language, timing, methodology, evaluation…)
Design of the unit II (Sessions, activities, materials…)

  I hope that you like it and I am looking forward to all sorts of comments since I am sure they will be useful to enrich it and improve it in the future.

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  1. Me gusta muucho tu unidad! Muy clara la forma en la que has planteado las sesiones. Fácil de usar y muy bien orientada hacia la metodología AICLE. La pasaré a mi compi de CSO. GRACIAS.