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Subject:Science       Teacher: M. Carmen Reigada Pérez

Course / Level: 3rd Cycle  (mixed group)           

1. Learning outcomes
 / Evaluation criteria
·         Be aware of the need of saving energy.
·         Explain how energy production influences global warming.
·         Identify the consequences of global warming.
·         Describe activities we often do that contribute to waste energy.
·         Write recommendations to save energy.
2. Subject Content
·         Individual responsibility in energy consuming.
·         Consequences of global warming
3. Language Content / Communication
Carbon dioxide, energy eficient, global warming, green house gases, greenhouse effect, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes.
Electric devices: TV, radio, washing machine, ...
Insulation, waste, electricity bill,
Switch on/off, leave, separate,
Questions: Why...?  Because...
Advice: Verb + noun+ when... (Ex Switch off the lights when you don't need them)
Discourse type
Listening - Reading - Listening - Speaking
Language skills
Give advise about saving energy or use it safely.
4. Contextual (cultural) element
Effects of energy production on the planet.
5. Cognitive (thinking) processes
Observe, Analyze, Critical thinking, Aply knowledge
6. (a) Task(s)
Make a campaing to encourage people to save energy
- Posters around the school
- Brochure to take home
Organization and class distribution / timing
-Four lessons of 60 min
6. (b) Activities

7. Methodology
Organization and class distribution / timing
Four lessons of 60 min

Lesson 1
Activity 1: Activate previous knowledge
Questions: Do we waste energy? How? (Use the vocab we
already know, as classroom rules: "Switch off the lights" "Leave the lights on" "Leave the computers on")

Activity 2
It's just an animation, so we have to put the language.

What are the consequences? (they can use Spanish and we put their language into English... and images)
Lead the children to "global warming", green house effect, and green house gases.

Wrap up: What we have learnt today
20 min

10 min

20 min

10 min
Lesson 2
Activity 3

What are the effects of green house effect and global warming in the world?

Write a text of four paragraphs about the effects of global warming int he world. Don't forget to write an introductory sentence and a conclusion.

20 min

40 min
Lesson 3
Activate prior knowledge:
Consequences of wasting energy. What to do?

Activity 4:
On the trail of the energy wasters
(Follow the instructions of the game, even if they don't understand every word)

Activity 5:
List up of the ways of wasting energy we have detected on the website game.

Wrap up: What we have learnt today

10 min

20 min

25 min

5 min

Lesson 3
Activate prior knowledge:
Review the list we have done the previous day

Activity 6:
Individually think of two pieces of advice to save energy at home, at school or in town.

In pairs, discuss each piece of  advice and share with the group. Make a poster on a A3 paper to put on the wall

As children show their pieces of advice, we type all the contributions in a word document and share to all the class.

5 min

10 min

35 min

Lesson 4
Activity :
Remind what it's already done. Language revision
Work in groups

Use the document created in the previous lesson to design for a brochure  to include all the advice to take home. They can find images on the Internet.
Use publisher

Share the brochures with the class, explaining their design.
Save the brochures in the shared folder to print out.

10 min

40 min

10 min
Resources / Materials
Internet connection.
A3 papers
Key Competences
Lingüistic - Digital - Citizenship - Learning to learn
8. Evaluation (criteria and instruments)

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