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FINAL PROJECT: Types of distributions in hotel events

Subject: Event Management

Course / Level: 2nd Upper Vocational Studies on Accommodation and Tourism

Title of the Unit: Types of distributions

Teacher: Alfredo García

1. Learning outcomes/ Evaluation criteria
  1.  To distinguish the different types of table distributions and recognize the importance of the tables in an assembly of an event.
  2.  To study the economic impact for the hotel of different distributions at an event.
  3. To allow students know the different aspects of identifying characteristics and how to carry out the table distributions for the special events rooms prepared in a hotel such as weddings, conferences, exhibitions...
  4. To show the online tour in a hotel website where they can see part of the website dedicated to the disposition of events and how important it is.
  5.  To give them a worksheet with the images of table distributions
  6. To discuss table layouts it in pairs.

2. Subject Content
  1. Types of events in the hotel establishment.
  2. Management of lounges and big meeting rooms
  3. Floor-plans for meetings rooms. Size and location of different rooms
  4. Distributions and assembly events

3. Language Content / Communication


  1. Nouns: table, chair, event, room, meeting, Conference, Congress, Convention, Exhibition, Hotel, deposit, amount, Congress Hall, Convention Center, Echo Arena, Business Corner, Junior Suites, money…
  2. Verbs: distributeprepare, set up, carry out, dispose, owe, attach, negotiate charge, pay for, look for, take into account....
  3. Adjectives: full, busy, noisy, cheap, expensive, refundable, large, big, relaxing, beautiful wonderful, bad, small, pretty, ready, hungry…
  4. Prepositions: before, after, in, into, on, regarding to, furthermore, in addition…

Structures:  Comparatives, phrasal verbs, passive voice, conditionals, future, such as…, as far as I know, presents verb forms, modal verbs…

Discourse type: AICLE teacher will give them a text with the main definitions of the table distributions and students will have to draw a picture to emulate that definition. Finally they will come to the board for explaining their pictures to the class group. It is a way to learn the vocabulary, to emphasize the reading and to feel free in their imagination of the drawing. So, the language skills are: reading, drawing, speaking next to the board.

Language skills: Reading Comprehension, drawing, speaking.4. Contextual (cultural) elementIt's about connecting with real and personal experiences. For example we will discuss in class how was the distribution of their parent's wedding or comment aloud the distributions seen when they go to the movies, opera, an athletic tournament, a talk at the university, or workshop work.

5. Cognitive (thinking) processes:Understand, Repeat, Analyze and Explain

6. task and activities:They have to orally describe a type of distribution close to their houses or a public building that they are going to go. They can take photos themselves outside of school hours. They have some pointed words on paper to be available in case of need, as a clue.
  1. Observe an image with different distributions Banquet (tables and chairs)
  2.   use my document of contents tables of different distributions.
  3.   Watching a video pausing at key moments, repeating and / or drawing simultaneously on their notebook.
  4. Final Task: Role-play with the oral exposure in pairs where one is the customer and the other is working in a commercial dept.
7. Methodology
Organization and class distribution / timing

First sessión (55 min):
ü         Observe an image with different distributions Banquet (tables and chairs)
ü         Use my document of contents tables of different distributions
Second session (55 min):
ü         Watching a video pausing at key moments, repeating and / or drawing simultaneously on their notebook.
 Third Session (55 min):
ü        Final Task: Role-play with the oral exposure in pairs where one is the customer and the other is working in a commercial dept.

Resources / Materials

ü        To see images with distribution:

ü         Use my document of contents tables of different distributions:!527&authkey=!ANuBsTE653MRAig&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jpg

ü          Watching a video pausing at key moments, repeating and / or drawing simultaneously on their notebook:

Key Competences

The skills acquired are linguistic, digital characterknowledge and interaction with the environment, learning to learn, social, etc…

8. Evaluation (criteria and instruments)
Activity that involves that fact that putting the name at various distributions and explain the type of placement in a hotel roomOral presentation to the class will be evaluated.


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  1. Muy interesante tu unidad Alfredo, muy estructurada y con variedad de recursos y actividades. Un saludo