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WordPress basics

Title of the unit: WordPress basics
Subject: Web Applications
Course /Level: 2nd year CFGM SMR

​mkhmarketing (CC BY 2.0)

Learning outcomes for content
  • Definition of content management system for blogs
  • Installation
  • Basic configuration
  • Control panel installation setup

  • Installing a content management system for blogs
  • Creating blog articles
  • Demostrating interest in a design suitable for every situation
Learning outcomes for communication

  • Nouns: cloud, computing, storage, management, webpage, web server, HTML, post, comments, control panel, template, banner, topics, tags, section, sign up, sign in
  • Verbs: click, open, enter, go to, complete, launch, drag, moderate
  • Past simple (eg. I post an article...)
  • Present continous (eg. While you're installing, be careful with ...)
  • Conditional sentences (eg. If you allow comments in the post, then users can write down their opinions)
Language for interaction
  • Imperative sentences (eg. Go to page ...)
  • Future sentences (eg. In this lesson, you will learn how to ...)
  • Conditional sentences (eg. If you allow comments in the post, then users can write down their opinions)
Learning outcomes for cognition
Cognitive skills
  • To solve problems
Information processing skills
  • To identify sources for documentation
  • To analyse which information is suitable to solve a problema
Learning strategies

  • Learning by doing
Learning outcomes for culture
  • Searching information about an European city which is interesting for the student
  • Posting an article including a tour for the chosen city
  • Discussing other students posts 
  • To créate a personal blog with WordPress
Warm up activities
  • Showing a snapshot of the main page of a blog and then students have to tell the name of each parts
  • Showing a snapshot of the control panel of a blog and then students have to tell the name of each parts
  • Brainstorming about the different uses of a blog
Main activities / Want to know / Reinforcement / Extensión
The next activities are previously shown by the teacher, then students do the activities by themselves:
  • Creating virtual machines which students will work on this lesson
  • Downloading installation files
  • Following installation procedure (copy files + change permissions + first browser access)
  • Following basic steps (admin user + create database + set up timezone)
  • Explaining frontend & backend (sign in / sign out)
  • Comparing WordPress installation with other CMBS
  • Individual student activity
  • Writing a tutorial on past activities
Organization and class distribution / timing
  • 50 minutes each sesión
  • 2 sessions per lesson
  • 2 weeks for the unit
WordPress vocabulary
Downloading installation files, installation procedure & basic steps
Explaining frontend & backend
WordPress vs other CMS

WordPress front-end

Link to the template

Cristian Jorge Garcia Marcos

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