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Title: Colors.
Subject: Visual and Manual Arts
Course/level: 1º ESO
El título de la unidad es "Colors", está pensada para niños de primer curso de la ESO. Los objetivos principales son distinguir principales cualidades de color, sus relaciones y apreciar sus posibilidades expresivas.
Aquí os dejo mi plantilla de la unidad (google drive):
En esta unidad se plantea, entre otras, practicar con las siguientes estructuras de la L2 relacionadas con el color: Colour wheel and ranges: Dark blue, pale blue, light red…A name and the name of the colour: canary yellow, bottle green, cherry red…Color-fish: Brownish. (noun-ed)=adjective. Red haired boy.
Session 1: Introductory text: Color Wheel. Watch video Colour Wheel. Text: Color temperature. Watch video: Hue, value and saturation.

Session 2: Watch video Color wheel and hue, value and saturation. Listening exercise "Flowers are red" by Harry Chapin. Reading texts (

Sessions 3-4: Worksheet nº 1: Cromatic Hexagon.

Session 5: Color values and variations. Reading. Exercise Filling gaps with the right word. Matching activities (Combination of colours.) Subtractive colors and pigments. Reading text.

Sessions 6-7: Worksheet nº 2: Watercolors metamorphosis. (Color ranges)

Session 8: Artist or designers who "play with colors". Speaking activities. Questions about:
-       Artist and painters.
-       Clothes designers
-       Webs, press and advertising

Session 9: Interactive activity (In pairs). Visit the lab Color in Motion

-       Fotocopies

-       Tempera, acrylic painting, watercolour, cards, paintbrush and compass.

-       Videos:

Hue, value and saturation

Color wheel and hue, value and saturation (

Flowers are red. Animation for kids. (

-       Interactive activities:

LearningApps. I created this app using the nickname Caloncal.

Carlos Alonso Calvo

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