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CLIL UNIT: Primary Economic Activities

Subject:  Social Science - Geography        
Title of the Unit : Primary Economic Activities        
Level  3º ESO

INTRODUCTION: This Didactic Unit is aimed at studying the economic activities included in the primary sector of the economy: farming, fishing and forestry. Students will get familiar with the different farming methods and world agricultural landscapes and will be able to reflect on the challenges that the sector is facing in developed and underdeveloped countries. 

Learning outcomes:

  • To know the economic activities that can be included in the primary sector of the economy
  • To identify the physical and human factors that can influence farming
  • To analyse the differences between developed and traditional farming
  • To know the different methods of farming around the world and their main characteristics: location, agricultural landscape, technology used and level of development, climate, type of crops grown, destination of the produce.
  • To identify the main problems of fishing and forestry in the present world
  •  To know the meaning and implications of Genetically Modified Organisms and Organic Farming Methods

Subject content: 

  • The primary economic activities: definition, types (agriculture, livestock farming, fishing and forestry) and main characteristics.
  •  Natural and human factors that influence primary economic activities.
  • Types of farming around the world: developed and underdeveloped farming methods. 
  •  Fishing and forestry: main characteristics and challenges


A final presentation about the advantages and drawbacks of different types of farming (study case of GMOs and Organic Farming


  • Reading the texts
  • Activities included in the worksheets provided:  Answer short questions about the texts; defining vocabulary; labelling pictures about farming methods around the world;  true or false activities; filling in the gaps; writing a short comparative text
  • Listening activities about farming in Africa
  • Watching a video about food processing
  • Online quizzes
  • Gathering of  information to make a presentation

Sessions : 

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

 Session 4:
Quizz online about Farming in rural areas:
Quizz online about Managing tropical areas
Quizz online:

Session 5:

Session 6:
  • Class-group activity:  Debate about GMOs and Organic Farming. 


Ø  Powerpoints:
-       Agricultural world (types and location of agricultural landscapes):
Ø  Comprehension activity after a listening about farming in Africa:
Ø  Video about the development of organic farming:
Ø  Online quizzes
Quizz online about Farming in rural areas:
Quizz online about Managing tropical areas
Quizz online:
Ø  Website. Factors affecting agriculture:


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