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Landscapes and weather

Landscapes and weather

Una unidad sobre “Landscapes and weather” para 4º de Primaria para la asignatura de science

1. To know the main type of landscapes and their characteristics.
2. To know the different expressions related to the weather.
3. To do and understand weather informations in different places.
4. To compare and describe the weather in different cities in Spain and the UK.
5. To develop positive attitudes towards care and conservation of the physical and natural world.

Lesson 1
Students will learn new vocabulary with a ppt presentation. http://busyteacher.org/12232-natural-and-human-landscapes-powerpoint.html
They will label and colour a drawing of a landscape.
They will listen to a description of a landscape and they have to draw it.
Where is what? Game: http://learningapps.org/display?v=p32xej7h501

Lesson 2
Students will review the vocabulary with a ppt presentation. http://busyteacher.org/12232-natural-and-human-landscapes-powerpoint.html
The will see a map of their village and they have to write a short description (patterns will be provided) https://maps.google.es/maps?q=mapa+san+martin+de+valdeiglesias&ie=UTF-8&ei=q8V9U8ZuzZbRBYXrgZAI&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ
They have to draw a landscape and describe it to his/her partner.

Lesson 3
Students will learn new vocabulary about weather with a ppt presentation.
Weather game: http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/es/word-games/find-the-definition/weather

Lesson 4
Quiz: http://en.educaplay.com/en/learningresources/1362956/landscapes.htm
Written test

Lesson 5
Our final task will be to build a 3D map using different materials such as plasticine (mountains), blue cardboard (rivers), sand, etc

Needed materials:
IWB, cardboard, colour pencils, sand, plasticine, worksheets, maps, white paper, pens, CD player...

Link de la plantilla:

Edurne Fuentes Pérez

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